About Us

AdvertisingAntiques.co.uk was originally a gallery and forum based website started by a dedicated group of collectors who wanted a place to discuss, buy, sell, trade and swap advertising collectables such as tins, vintage packaging and old enamel signs. We have now created this new website called www.OldShopStuff.com . Over the past few years, this new website has gone from strength to strength with nearly 1000 registered users and over 700,000 hits in the last year alone.

One of the main reasons for the website's success is the fact that it has provided people with access to more knowledge on the subject of old advertising than anywhere else, with specialists in almost every area of advertising collectables being available online around the clock to offer helpful tips and advice. For the new collector this has arguably become an invaluable reference source for determining realistic prices and the originality of many of the items available elsewhere.

The focus of this new site is to build a more reliable database of registered users who can trade and communicate with the minimum of fuss. Another main aim of this site (one we are working on at the moment) is to create the largest online archive of advertising items in the world as well as a viable alternative to online auction sites as a means of trading. By initially relying on a few trusted sellers, registered users can currently buy with confidence without having to wade through a sea of modern junk or be conned by unscrupulous sellers. From November 2011 it hoped we can make this seller aspect available to the general public under the watchful eye of experienced collectors and dealers.