The Future

Database management is an important part of websites as whole. At, we hope to provide site users with the latest social media software and enable them to use it to build and manage their own mailing lists and contact groups. If a user has a different set of pictures to share or has a new range of items for sale, their mailing lists can be quickly and easily used to maximise the interest shown. Advanced users of the site will soon be able to build their own private galleries and smaller satellite websites with a private mailing list function notifying registered users or list subscribers of updates in these shops/galleries. With a click of a button items can also be swapped from private gallery, public gallery or online shop. Collectors will also become curators of their own online museums and newsgroups. Both museums and shops will in turn benefit from the worldwide audience being created by the larger forum driven site being connected to their shops.

By providing people with an interactive site, it is hoped that interest in old advertising and collectables can be expanded and the future interest in our own specialist fields may be continued into the future. Hopefully 2012 will see the final translation of the site in the main European languages to facilitate sales and broaden communications in general. Please feel free to get involved as the more interest we can create the more beneficial the site will be to all concerned and raising the profile of collecting old advertising items as well as antiques will protect our investments as well as preserve much of the social history that is still being destroyed on a daily basis.